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Encephalitis Vaccine

  • Characteristics
    • Japanese Encephalitis Virus is propagated to individuals through pigs or mosquitos and develops lesions in cerebral cortex or cerebellum, etc. And in severe cases, it often develops paralysis, coma, and insanity.
    • Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine is a colorless or whitish turbid suspension containing inactivated Japanese Encephalitis Virus and also contains thimerosal as a preservative. Japanese Encephalitis Virus is purified from brains of suckling mice which have been artificially infected with Nakayama strain, and inactivated by formalin.
    • 1ml contains Inactivated Japanese Encephalitis Virus suspension (Nakayama strain) ---------- 1 ml
    • For the prevention of Japanese Encephalitis
    • 0.5 ml/vial
    • 1 ml/vial
    Quantity per pack
    • Store at 2~8 ℃ without freezing in hermetic container.
    • Shelf life : 18 months